Wilbur Daniels Bio

Wilbur Daniels Bio

Wilbur Daniels

A gospel music legend since 1948 the youngest of seven children. Born and raised in Caruthers, south of Fresno with no electricity, no phone, no motor car! Not a single luxury! 

Wilbur began singing with Gospelaires in 1949 then formed the original Chordsmen with his older brothers in 1955. After five years with the original Chordsmen in 1955, he began a 20-year vacation from music. 

During his 20-year vacation he developed his business of tuning pianos. He tuned pianos for some of Fresno’s biggest acts: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, the Who, Roberta Flack, the Eagles, and his favorite, Nat King Cole. 

From 1955-1978, he directed church choirs and filled in for other groups like the Stamps quartet, and even two tours with the Inkspots! 

In 1978, at the age of 55, he answered the call and resumed singing – first as a solo act and later with a revived version of the Chordsmen. 

Wilbur began hosting “Friday Night Sing” in 1996 for about 40 people watching it grow to more than 1,000 people each month in 2020.Today the Friday Night Sing! is called the Power of Gospel!

Wilbur Daniels was a gospel music legend, performing well into his 80’s without any noticeable loss in showmanship or vocal quality. He was famous beyond the confines of the gospel music genre.

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